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Lise King

Throughout her life she has remained dedicated to the arts by being an artist, an instructor and a promoter, culminating in the establishment of “King’s Framing & Art Gallery” of Corbeil, Ontario. Displaying art, conducting art workshops, retailing art supplies and marketing the artwork of many northern artists by founding ‘The Consolidated Artist Group of 7s'

[img src=]2990Fiery Blizzard/abstract painting
Title: Fiery Blizzard<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic painting<br/><br /> Dimensions: 6" w x 6" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $80.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/>
[img src=]1950Bubble-Luscious
Title: Bubble-Luscious<br/><br /> Medium: Solucryl on Yupo<br/><br /> Dimensions: 20" w x 18" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $250.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/>
[img src=]1570chaos
Title: Chaos<br/><br />Medium: Acrylic<br/><br />Dimensions: 8" w x 24" h <br/><br />Price: $195.00 unframed<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /><br/>Cosmology the unbounded space and formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe. Out of chaos comes order.
[img src=]1320Contemplating
Tittle: Contemplating<br/><br />Medium: Graphite (Original)<br/><br />Dimensions: 18" w x 14" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $ 250.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />At a cross road<br/>
[img src=]1180Downy Woodpecker
Title: Downy Woodpecker<br/><br /> Medium: Brushed Charcoal<br/><br /> Dimensions: 16" w x 20" h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $250.00 (framed) Prints available<br/><br /><br/><br />Description: <br/> I enjoyed painting this brushed charcoal art-piece. With the Downy Woodpecker I tried to capture and convey the personality of the woodpecker, plus create form and feel of the birch tree for the viewer to enjoy. Even birds have personality that if we take time to observe we can detect.<br/><br /><br/><br />Original SOLD<br/>
[img src=]1240In My Father's Hand
Title: In My Father's Hand<br/><br />Medium: Oil (Original)<br/><br />Dimensions: 15" w x 12" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $ 225.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />A father offering a helping hand to his child.<br/>
[img src=]1080White Feather in My Hat
Title: White Feather in My Hat<br/><br /> Medium: Watercolour<br/><br /> Dimensions: 20" w x 16"h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $250.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /> It represents a new chapter in my life's journey; one with optimism and adventure. Life does have its surprises<br/>
[img src=]1100Rib-bit
Title: Rib-bit<br/><br /> Medium: Watercolour<br/><br /> Dimensions: 20" w x 16" h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $250.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />My French pet Frog. I just love to rib with him.<br/>
[img src=]1030Mom's Rose
Title: Mom's Rose<br/><br /> Medium: Brushed Pastel<br/><br /> Dimensions: 20"w x 16" h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $250.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Dimension:<br/><br /> In memory of Mom... who's with our Lord (November 4, 2009). She was as soft as a rose and as strong as an orchid... which I will paint soon...<br/>
[img src=]1010Pileated Woodpecker
Title: Pileated Woodpecker<br/><br /> Medium: Mixed Dry Media<br/><br /> Dimensions: 20" w x 24" h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $495.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /> Checking on the brood<br/><br /><br/><br />Was painted for the Group's Lake of Shamans exhibition. Won in two juried competitions: •International Contemporary Artists book, In. Co. Artists Books, US: 9 Columbus Avenue, NYC, NY 10024, US, EU: Athens Towers, 2-4 Messogion Av. Athens 115 27, GR, 2012<br/><br /><br/><br />•Bravo Nipissing Juried Exhibition, 2012<br/>
[img src=]900Electron-orbit
Title: Electron Orbit<br/><br />Medium: Acrylic<br/><br />Dimensions: 12" w x 24" h <br/><br />Price: $195.00 unframed<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /><br/>A stable negatively charged elementary particle with a small mass that is a fundamental constituent of matter and orbits the nucleus of an atom.
[img src=]900Natures Song
Title: Natures Song<br/><br /> Medium: Ink<br/><br /> Dimensions: 12" w x 12" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $95.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />Natures Voice<br/>
[img src=]830On-the-Outside-Looking-in
Title: ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN<br/><br />Medium: Mixed Media<br/><br />Dimensions: 16" x 20" Framed<br/><br />Price: $1200.00<br/> SOLD<br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />A representation of life: We are all like fishes in a pond, some on the inside others on the outside looking in. Swirling around the big fish hoping to fit in and not noticing that they themselves are colourful. It always look greener on the other side, but once there all of sudden the colours fade.<br/><br /><br/><br />So hold on to what you have and be content. All good things have its draw back. Enjoy the scenery and stop to smell the roses.<br/><br /><br/><br />Life is nothing but a dream; make your dream. I’m making mine.<br/>
[img src=]93011 Hole - Osprey Links
Title: 11 Hole - Osprey Links<br/><br />Medium: Watercolour<br/><br />Dimensions: 26" w x20 " h framed<br/><br />Price: $325.00<br/> (Framed Prints)<br />Description:<br/><br />Hole 11 - Osprey Links<br/>
[img src=]860In The Zone
Title: In The Zone<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 36" w x 76" h (unframed)<br/><br /> Price: $600.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /> A play on depth and perceptions<br/>
[img src=]770Incandescent-passion
Title: Incandescent Passion<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 5" w x 7" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $80.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />Burning Love, it is all consuming<br /><br/>
[img src=]730Inferno
Title: Inferno<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 9" w x 12" h (unframed)<br/><br />Price: $175.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /><br/>
[img src=]740Japanese Garden
Title: Japanese Garden<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 11" w x 14" h (unframed)<br/><br />Price: $250.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />A magical Garden<br/>
[img src=]730Kaleidoscope
Title: Kaleidoscope<br/><br /> Medium: Watercolour<br/><br /> Dimensions: 27.5" w x 22" h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $500.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /> A play on light and depth. You may enjoy any-side and find hidden treasures to be discovered.<br/>
[img src=]680Full Circle
Title: Full Circle<br/><br /> Medium: Watercolour<br/><br /> Dimensions: 14' w x 11' h (un-framed)<br/><br /> Price: $75.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />It reminds me of the full circle of life. The prime of life is just before the somber Autumn and the new life that washes all the pain away...<br/>
[img src=]680Moon Glow
Title: Moon Glow<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 12" w x 12" h (unframed)<br/><br /> Price: $45.00<br/> SOLD<br />Description:<br/>
[img src=]650Larva
Title: Lava<br/><br />Medium: Acrylic (Original)<br/><br />Dimensions: 8" w x 8" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $ 125.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /><br/>
[img src=]690Aura
Title: Aura<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 14" w x 11" h (unframed)<br/><br /> Price: $225.00<br/><br />Description:<br/>
[img src=]640Vortex
Title: Vortex<br/><br />Medium: Acrylic (Original)<br/><br />Dimensions: 36" w x 12" h (un-framed)<br/><br />Price: $ 295.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />I wanted to create something that reflects the tow world. The Physical world and the unseen spiritual world<br/>
[img src=]670Mellow Yellow
Title: Mellow Yellow<br/><br />Medium: Acrylic (Original)<br/><br />Dimensions: 6" w x 6" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $ 85.00<br/> SOLD<br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />Mellow Yellow acrylic painting was an experiment with pastel, acrylic, fantasy and glass paints on top of textured molding paste.<br/>
[img src=]680Microbes
Title: Microbes<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 10" w x 8" h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $80.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /> It reminds me of looking through a telescope and seeing microbes.<br/>
[img src=]700Winters Glow
Title: Winters Glow<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 12" w x 24" h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $245.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /> Feel the breeze of a cool winters evening's glow.<br/>
[img src=]650Zygotes
Title: Zygotes<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 14" w x 11" h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $80.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /> I will leave this to your imagination...<br/>
[img src=]630Leaning Towars
Title: Leaning Towars<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 20" w x 16" h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $245.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />It reminds me of 'When it rains it poor!'<br/>
[img src=]620Numinous Gift
Title: Numinous Gift<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 5" w x 7" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $80.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />Woman has been given a mysterious biological powerful origin through the womb, the reproduction of human beings.<br /><br/>
[img src=]660On the Rocks
Title: On the Rocks<br/><br /> Medium: Watercolour<br/><br /> Dimensions: 14' w x 11'h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $175.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /> Came full circle<br/>
[img src=]610Orbital-nucleus
Title: Spiritual Journey<br/><br />Medium: Acrylic<br/><br />Dimensions: 16" w x 20" x 3" deep h <br/><br />Price: $195.00 unframed<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /><br/>A subdivision of the available space within an atom for an electron to orbit the nucleus. An atom has many orbital’s, each of which has a fixed size and shape and can hold up to two electrons.
[img src=]660Spicky
Title: Spicky<br/><br /> Medium: Oil original<br/><br /> Dimensions: 16″ w x 20″h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $495.00<br/><br /> <br/><br />Description:<br/><br />He was our pesky deer. He had a character that stood out above the rest. He was expressive and trusting, not to mention a kid at heart. He also was the leader of the pack and looked out for his group. He'd stomp and puff trying to scare you away, but when confronted by a wee cat, he would run away and hide, (Like you would in hide and go seek).<br/>
[img src=]620Spiritual Journey
Title: Spiritual Journey<br/><br />Medium: Acrylic<br/><br />Dimensions: 3' w x 4' h <br/><br />Price: $395.00 unframed<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /><br/>
[img src=]640Spring Fling
Title: Spring Fling<br/><br /> Medium: Acrylic<br/><br /> Dimensions: 12" w x 9" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $195.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/>
[img src=]440Green Spruce Tree
Title: Spruce Tree<br/><br /> Medium: Coloured Pencil on Terra Skin paper<br/><br /> Dimensions: 3" w x 8" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $85.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/>
[img src=]390Black Spruce Tree
Title: Black Spruce Tree<br/><br /> Medium: Ink on Terra Skin paper<br/><br /> Dimensions: 3" w x 8" h (with matt, un-framed)<br/><br />Price: $35.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/>
[img src=]580Tinker Bells
Title: Tinker Bells<br/><br /> Medium: Watercolour<br/><br /> Dimensions: 11' w x 14' h framed)<br/><br /> Price: $125.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br />Tinkling in the wind<br/>
[img src=]500White Fence?
Title: White Fence?<br/><br /> Medium: Pastel<br/><br /> Dimensions: 20" w x 16" h (framed)<br/><br /> Price: $425.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/><br /> It represent life's drawback. We should always ask ourselves why the fence? When we come to a closed door or sickness in our lives. It may mean an opportunity for something you never thought you could do or never dreamed of doing. You could choose to feel sorry for yourself or find the opportunity it represents. It's a time to reflect and a transition in your journey. Just like in business you always have to re-evaluate and re-adjust with the times, so is with life's Monkey wrench.<br/>
[img src=]600Winter Storm
Title: Winter Storm<br/><br /> Medium: Watercolour<br/><br /> Dimensions: 30" w x 22" h (framed)<br/><br />Price: $350.00<br/><br /><br/><br />Description:<br/>

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An artist’s centered custom framing and specialty art store and art education facility sitting in a beautiful country setting, presenting an attractive venue for artists to display their work and partake in Art Education offered to all ages and levels. Lise is also an artist and art instructor with the Royal Conservatory of the Arts; Tri-Art instructor/specialist. Certified art materials professional by Namta and a Certified (SoC) Teacher.

Featured Event:
Culture Days in Corbeil / Les journées de la culture à Corbeil,

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When: Sept 25, 26, 27, September 2015
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(Juried Thematic Theme Awards Exhibition 2015)
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