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Our History


Located in Canada, King's Framing and Art Gallery is a family run art supply and custom framing business serving artists, crafters, and creative makers, from beginners to professionals, to bring their creative vision to life.

Founders Lise and Bob King created the one-stop-shop and online brand known for the very best art supplies and personalized art expertise since 2008, born out of their outstanding professional art experience combined with their shared love of creativity and values of unparalleled customer service, passion, education, teamwork, value, and excellence. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the King’s Framing and Art Gallery team has guided thousands of happy customers worldwide on their artistic journey for over 16 years.


Lise King, founder of King’s Framing and Art Gallery, has a long-standing history as an artist, instructor, and passionate supporter of the arts. One of the influential moments in Lise’s artistic journey was an experience in 8th Grade.  Lise was always doodling in class.  One day, she tossed out her drawing at the end of art class, yet her teacher asked her to finish it, citing how original it was. He submitted her work to a college drawing competition without Lise's knowledge, where she was awarded a scholarship for her artistic career. 
She became a certified hairstylist and make-up artist in Toronto early in her career. She was recognized for her artistic abilities in looking at the “blank canvas of possibilities” for her clients, ultimately creating human works of art.  This experience gave Lise the foundations of her craft, as make-up artistry is analogous to painting.

Years later, following a pivotal health event, Lise and her husband Bob responded to the call to return home to East Ferris, a township in northeastern Ontario, Canada, including the central communities of Astorville and Corbeil. 

Lise's husband, Bob, was recognized and sought out for his expertise as a licensed sheet metal technician and fabricator. He was a custom sheet metal fabricator who designed intricate metal HVAC systems.  Upon discovering the art of custom framing, Bob acquired training in the industry and made a career shift to join Lise and opened King’s Framing and Art Gallery in northeastern Ontario, Canada.


Celebrating their love of art and the community they call home, Lise and Bob opened King’s Framing and Art Gallery in Corbeil, Canada, on July 8, 2008.

More than ever, Lise King was committed to immersing herself in art and multimedia training, including attaining a Certified Art Material Professional certificate, colour theorist certificate, and specialized training by diverse manufacturers of art materials and supplies worldwide.  She has continued to invest in learning about innovative products and techniques as a certified multidiscipline artist to serve her customers and art students best.

With the belief that art education is a lifelong journey, Lise combined her extensive multimedia art training and passion for teaching to serve their customers through expert guidance on selecting high quality art supply materials and personalized instruction through art workshops in the Gallery studio.


In addition to her vast knowledge of art supplies and techniques, Lise’ has become a notable art teacher and instructor who leads with empathy, compassion, and belief in every student’s potential to transform their heart and mind through art. 

Her unique brand of teaching stems from her philosophy of meeting her students where they are in their art journey. Instead of expecting students to climb to her level of artistic ability, she teaches her students the value of individualized progress over perfection in learning the foundations of the language of art, tips, techniques, and tricks of art across multiple mediums, feeding their creativity and flourishing. She embraces the idea that her students come to learn at their speed and level. She delivers personalized attention to encourage them to overcome any fears they may have, ultimately resulting in an adventurous and confident transformation of their personal belief in themselves and that their art is worthy.

With continued training in framing, clients far and comprehensively credit Bob for his mastery in museum-quality framing, elevating their works of art. He customizes his frame to meet the needs of every customer, including the availability of 100% acid-free archival materials in matting, mounts, foam core backing, and linen tape to allow your art to last for generations to come. King’s Framing & Art Gallery specializes in front and back-load wood frames for professional canvas paintings for exhibiting artists and a wide assortment of standard, contemporary, metal, solid wood, and specialty frames for anyone who wants to display their unique works of art proudly.


Our values as a family-owned business reflect our beliefs in supporting and empowering all artists at every stage in their creative journey.  With King’s Framing and Art Gallery at your side, you can bring your creative vision to life and unleash the artist, crafter, or creative maker within you.

Proudly Canadian owned and operated since July 8th, 2008. 

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