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Winton Oil Paint - Cadmium Orange Hue 37ml

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Cadmium Orange Hue is composed of several pigments closely resembling genuine Cadmium Orange. It is a versatile bright, mid-range orange colour.

  • Pigment(s)andnbsp;PY65, PO73
  • Colour Numberandnbsp;90
  • Colour Seriesandnbsp;1
  • Colour Vehicle Oilandnbsp;Linseed Oil
  • Permanence Ratingandnbsp;A
  • Transparency / Opacityandnbsp;O

Item #: 1414090

Description:  Winton Oil Paint - Cadmium Orange Hue 37ml

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For students, amateur painters, and professional artists using high volumes of colour, Winton Oil Colour is the ultimate high-quality yet economical oil paint.

Winton brings together the best of Winsor andamp; Newton's paint-making tradition with modern technology. Rather than lessening the pigment content to create a more affordable paint, Winton Oils are formulated using moderately priced pigments that still possess good covering power and tinting strength — including genuine, excellent-quality cadmiums and cobalts. While Winton Oils can't match the superior pigment load of Winsor andamp; Newton Professional Oils, they are still much stronger than the artist-quality lines of many other brands.

Winton Oils are offered in a range of 48 colours, and every colour is individually formulated to bring out the best natural characteristics of the pigment. These paints have a more uniform consistency than Winsor andamp; Newton Professional Oils and are slightly stiffer, offering excellent retention of brush strokes and knife marks. The gloss level varies from colour to colour, but again they have a more uniform sheen across the range as compared to the Professional line.

All colours are either AA or A-rated and are recommended as permanent for artists' use.

Winton Soft Painting Whites — The whites in the Winton line offer a range of opacities and working characteristics. Titanium White is the whitest, most opaque white and most popular. Zinc White is the least opaque white and is ideal for tints and glazing. Soft Mixing White is a soft, non-sticky blend of Titanium White and Zinc White that retains brushstrokes and is resistant to yellowing.



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