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Holbein Artists? Soft Pastel - Compose Green 2

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Holbein has developed a range of artist-quality soft pastels that offer great covering and blending power because of their soft powder richness. Individually Plastic wrapped sticks feature a square shape for versatility - use the flat sides or sharp edges!

Compose Green 2 - Vert Composé 2

  • Pigment names: PW6—Titanium White, PG7—Phthalo Green, PB68—Fastogen Blue 5007, PY3—Hansa Yellow 10G
  • Lightfast: *

Item #: ASP-117

Description:  Holbein Artists? Soft Pastel - Compose Green 2

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Holbein has developed an exceptional range of water-soluble 144 artist-quality soft pastels using a unique manufacturing process. While eliminating many occasionally used light colours, it offers a more extraordinary smooth powder richness in covering and blending power than competitive products.

The manufacturing process is entirely computerized and is mechanized from inception to the final product. In the final stages of production, the computer lens scans every stick to guarantee even pigment distribution. Ensures a predictably constant hue for use in sketching, undercoating and finished work.

Sets: Each stick has its own numbered space for the artist's convenience. Working pastelists have widely acclaimed softness, pigment purity, size and shape, and packaging method.

The sticks are made in a square shape for working versatility - use the corners for fine lines and the flat side to lay down swathes of colour. These pastels are sought after for their consistent softness, pigment purity, and size.

Each stick measures 2" long × 5/16" square and comes sleeved in a plastic case 2" long x 7/16".



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