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Art Sherpa Detail Brush 6pc Set

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Art Sherpa™ Detail Brush 6pc Set - AS-4105

Medium flick resistance, synthetic Firm filament. Short Bristles and Bright Acrylic handle over wood and Synthetic fiber over natural.

The Art Sherpa Detail 6 pc set includes one each:

  • Sterling Studio®
  • 6000S 3/0, 0, 1 Round
  • 6002S 0, 2 Bright
  • 6007S 2/0 Liner
  • Perfect for fine lines and details
  • Makes grass, twigs, fur, and hair easy
  • the secret weapon for beginners
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The Art Sherpa Brush Line; Silver Brush Limited® presents The Art Sherpa!

These brushes are personally selected by The Art Sherpa™ YouTube’s most watched acrylic artist, Cinnamon Cooney, The Art Sherpa™, has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and over a million hits to her channel every month. The Art Sherpa™ has produced more content (over 400 videos) for beginning acrylic painting than any other artist online. Her followers, dubbed “Sherpettes,” are hungry for her products. Silver Brush Ltd® has produced various sets.

SIL-AS-4101 - Beginning & End 3pc Set. Brush set for Acrylic Painting. Contains a 2" Blending Brush, 1" Varnish Brush and Ruby Satin Monogram Liner Size 1. Best for Background painting, smooth varnish experience and sign with confidence.

SIL-AS-4102 - The Beginner Painting 6pc Set. Black Pearl brushes for Acrylic Painting. Contains Round #4, Bright #2, #4, #6, #8 & #10. Everything you need to start painting with The Art Sherpa. Perfect with soft & heavy body acrylic colours, ideal for blending and control, great value & quality.

SIL-AS-4103 - Professional/Explorer 6pc (Multi Media) Set of professional Quality Silver brushes. Favourites personally selected by The Art Sherpa™. Contains Bristlon® Bright #10, Cambridge™ Bright #4 & #8, Ultra Mini® Shader #10/0, Ruby Satin® Bright #2 & #6. Professional fine art brushes for every technique. Ideal with soft & heavy body acrylic colours.

SIL-AS-4104 - Portrait 4pc Set. Black Pearl™ brushes for Acrylic painting: Contains Round #0, Filbert #2, #4, & #8. It's about the face - with 3 perfect filberts and a responsive round for fine lines. Strong for heavy body paint with spring for soft blends.

SIL-AS-4105 - Detail 6pc Set. Sterling Studio™ Detail brushes. Contains Round #3/0, #0 & #1, Bright #0 & #2, Liner #2/0. Perfect for fine lines and details. Makes grass, twigs, fur & hair easy. The secret weapon of beginner realism.

SIL-AS-4106 - Galaxy Brush 4pc (Multi Media) Set. Unique Art Sherpa™ tools: Contains 2 Splatter Brushes, Silver Brush® Crystal™ Round #0 & Double End Dot Tool. The only brush set for galaxy stars, sand effects and water spray. Create amazing expressive effects. Dotting tool so you can paint the stars. The best tools for dispersed random splatter.

SIL-AS-4107 - Cloud 3pc (Multi Media) Set. Art Sherpa™ Cloud Brushes: Contains sizes #4, #6 & #8. Unique shape for easy beginner clouds. Extra firm filament for heavy body paint. Dream scumbling and rough texture brushing.

SIL-AS-4108 - Art Sherpa™ Stencil Mini Set. Contains 3 Silver® Stencil Mini™ brushes #2, #4 & #6. Creates stencil, scumble, softening and blur effects.

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Brand Silver Brush
Country of Manufacture China

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