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Open Call to Artist

Interested in becoming part of our non-for-profit group of artist collective in Corbeil, please call Lise King @ 705-752-4211 or email

Annual Fees for Oct 1st 2015/2016 are due Sept 30, 2014


A Collective Non-For-Profit Group of Artist
“The Consolidated Artist Group of 7s”

@ King’s Framing & Art Gallery in 188 Voyer Rd. Corbeil

Time: Sunday September 13, 2015, 2 pm to 4 pm
Everyone welcome

The Consolidated Artist Group of 7s Mandate
Founded in 2009

We are an active multicultural group of artists, engaged in volunteered activities that provide community-based learning forums for people of all ages and abilities. Our group provides opportunities for the northern artists to share their skills and extend an advantageous exposure to the community. The benefit of an artistic community and the creative participation for the citizens is to promote a healthy lifestyle. We are actively involved in supporting art events in our community, which not only provides local artists an opportunity to show and sell their art, but we also offer art classes to local citizens at these events that gives a forum for learning.

Le groupe d’artistes consolidé des 7s mandat
Fondé en 2009

Nous sommes une collaboration d`artiste multiculturels. Notre mandat est d`offrir un soutient aux artistes de la région en fournissant un développement professionnel afin de promouvoir des possibilités de carrière.
Nous offrons aux membres un envasement approprié aux partages avec collègues, l`opportunité de développer leur entreprise et de faire une contribution aux opérations de l`organisme à lent non lucratif.
Nous travaillons `s encourager l`engagement du publique avec des expositions d`art contemporain et des activités culturelle dans la communauté.

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