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Why consider buying Original Artwork?

Whether you are a new home-owner focusing on redecorating, or just trying to freshen up a tired space, among the most significant ways to establish the vibe of a room will be by decorating the walls with art. The biggest mistakes one does is neglecting their walls. Don’t just beautify your walls, make them express a part of you. Invest today with art that has depth, meaning, culture and history. Invest in an original piece of art! Don’t skimp on ART.

Most furniture shops sell wall decorations, and it may be easy to pick up charming poster prints from retailers like Ikea, HomeGoods Marshalls, as well as Lowes. However, what are you getting at these stores? You get mass-produced Art which in the first place will seem cheap to you as compared to original art, but it won’t have the impact like the way an Original Artwork contains. On behalf of all artists, we would like the opportunity to point out the difference between the mass-produced artwork verses original artwork and why should you invest in an original work of art.

Original Art

Original fine artwork, or an original Masterpiece of art, isn't "original" just because it's creative--it is innovative because it's one-of-a-kind, which is the opposite of a reproduction. A print or possibly a poster print, manufactured mechanically in substantial amounts is not a unique piece of art. Original artwork is generally a lot costlier than reproductions due to the time and cost of material involved to produce a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

At the middle ground between reproductions and original art is signed 'limited edition' pigment print or giclee. Many photographers or graphic artists will print a quantity of their artwork. The smaller the edition size, the more precious the artwork will be.

Why the original artwork is expensive than the mass-production is quite simple to understand.


Its one-of-a-kind nature makes fine original art a 'rarity.' Just like you, there are no variations of this artwork out there, making it valuable and unique. For an artwork's right to possess the 'living' variant, you've got to pay more. If thousands of people possess the art, it is not a unique product. This is why the mass-produced versions are much less costly. Art collectors and investors wouldn't be prepared to shell out as much money to get a 'common' item.

Easily produced

You may establish a printer to create copies simultaneously if you mass-produce art. The mechanical character enables reproductions to be generated at one moment. To create an original masterpiece of art can take time and resources. The artist can spend hours, days, months and from time to time even decades, to create that special masterpiece. Thus, the time-consuming process needs to be accounted for, the artist needs to charge more money, to earn a livable wage.

High-grade Art Work

To be produced in massive amounts, the quality of reproductions and prints suffer. There aren't any affordable technologies which may layer oil paints in a textured manner upon the canvas. Because of this, copies and prints will be produced using materials that are less costly, developing a far 'flatter' appearance. Fine art is hand-crafted by an artist, ensuring a more beautiful, more carefully perfected calibre.

Agree, right? However, now the question is when you should buy an Art Piece?

The average person isn't an art collector. For most of us, the act of buying art is casual, often an impulsive purchase in a craft fair, flea market, or even a furniture shop. When you're looking to decorate a space, you can shop for that perfect Art piece by knowing ahead of time where the art will go, and what you're looking for, how far you need to invest.

You need not be a millionaire to afford that first Artwork, and this is the key you need to keep in mind while you start shopping. Many museums offer some art for prices that are cheaper. You could find 'discount' treasures at art fairs, outdoor markets, craft fairs, also by visiting artists' studios and Art Gallery store like King’s Framing & Art Gallery. Although it can be a more time-consuming and more costly process to discover the art that is appropriate, there are many advantages in comparison to wall art. At King’s Framing & Art Gallery, you have our experts that can guide you with what you are expecting. Moreover, you can browse through our Art Gallery online too, click here to check out.

You can bring it to the custom framing department and chose a frame and display behind a living room setting sample or choose a wall colour you want your artwork to display on or upload the image of the room you would like your artwork to be on and see if that is what you like…

Note: Don’t make the mistake of framing the artwork to match your wall, frame the artwork best for the piece of art and then see how it looks on that wall space or room.

Original Art gives back:


A one-of-a-kind art will make your space your own. How often have you noticed the same Ikea artwork in your friends' rooms? Even if the art is not by a renowned artist, the originality of the piece evokes more of a feeling of riches and personality in your living area.

It gives your room depth

Artworks have depth. Whether framed for protection or wrapped around stretcher bars in galleries, the walls will pop off with these fantastic pieces. To put it simply, this depth will fill out a room more ardently than a flat poster print against a wall.


So, what is the purpose of buying art if it does not look good? Each colour is carefully selected, and made by the artist hand. Reproductions use commercial inks and mass produce machine prints, which devalue with time, rather than carefully painted original works of art in acrylic, oil or water media paints, and dry media creating special effects that no prints can reproduce to this day. From time to time, your computer produced artwork will seem pixelated when observed carefully. Originals never have this danger, as well as the art enthusiast will tell the difference between an art piece and furniture store bought piece.

You feel connected

When you purchase an original Art and visit the studio, you have a chance to meet the artist, listen to their story and comprehend the sense behind their artwork. Because the procedure for buying original art is different from purchasing mass-produced consumer art, you can usually expect to get a great story that goes with the piece. The artwork make great conversational pieces, not only could these tales impress your guests, but they will also help forge deeper personal relations between you and the art you purchased.

Also, the story behind the art, the creativity, the depth, and even the quality seems to add up to help make a powerful connection. Purchasing Art is a personal act, a personal connection with the work of art, which the story or emotion the work of art evokes from within. Should you purchase artwork, you can make sure that your collection consists of only the worthiest of pieces, rather than impulse purchases which cost little and void of meaning.

At King’s Framing & Art Gallery, Kim Martin and Lise King are the leading artists that paint their stories on various surfaces or canvas with different mediums. Both of them are masters of their own specialities.

Kim grew up creating art, and she had her first solo gallery in Ontario when she was 16. A People’s Choice Award 2009 winner and Master Pastel Artist Awarded by PAC, she has volunteered for PAC as Promotions Co-ordinator. She is an Animal and wildlife Artist. Her work of art named “Horse” speaks about her abilities to use Pastels at best. In this painting Kim has used Pastel mediums - Unison Soft Pastels, Holbein Pastels, Spectra Fix, UART Premium Sanded Pastel paper.

Lise is a northern Canadian professional multimedia artist creating a balanced and thoughtful artwork representing her life experiences. Her passion has always been in the arts, one form or the other. Lise is an art instructor and also does commission work. In the end, all one hopes is that you enjoy her works of art as much as she cherished the journey of making it. Being an Art instructor, Lise and has always believed in teaching & giving back to artists. Check out Lise’s Ink and Rouging work of Art named “Retired”, Lise has used Derwent Graphik Black Drawing Line Pen Makers and M Graham Oils on Arches Oil paper. She had the pleasure to teach this technique to her students that did a fantastic job also…

Many such Art on Sale  are available on our online store. Find the one that speaks to you and invest in making your living space one that will enrich your life, your family and friends. Give yourself or someone you love a gift that keeps on giving. Order one-of-a-kind today and grace your wall-space with something to talk about!

Don't make the error of believing that art is a luxury. It's a necessity.

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