Golden Gel Topcoat w/UVLS Gloss - 8oz.

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Golden Gel Topcoat with UVLS (ultraviolet light stabilizers) retains brushstrokes while protecting prints, paper, and other materials from fading. Use these gels to add texture or create a clear barrier prior to working with paint or other materials. Used to modify sheen and provide a non-removable, water-based topcoat. Golden Gel Topcoats provide the benefit of ultraviolet light filters and stabilizers for protection against fading. In addition, they help lower overall water-sensitivity, limit air exposure, and provide increased durability to artworks.

When used as a final layer, these gels greatly increase the longevity and lightfastness of virtually all digital media. Exhibiting your artwork without glass, the manufacturer strongly recommends application of a removable varnish in addition to the Gel Topcoat in order to facilitate cleaning and future conservation.

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Golden Gel Topcoats are fully compatible with other Golden gels, mediums, and acrylic colours, and can be used to create gel skins, image gel transfers, decoupage collage elements, extend paints or increase their transparency, create a wet layer to work into, or simply as a clear ground to work on top of underpainting.

General Use as a Topcoat - For Fine Art and Craft use only. Not intended as a commercial topcoat for high wear items.

Apply as desired using brush, palette knife, roller, or other tools. The thick consistency of the GOLDEN Gel Topcoats will retain tool marks and textures, although the marks will relax slightly during drying. Apply carefully to avoid generation of foam or entrapping air. May be thinned with water to modify viscosity. Always test for your application before applying to anything of importance.

The Gel Topcoats, when used as a final layer, should greatly increase the longevity and lightfastness of whatever media you are working with. Overall they will lower water-sensitivity, limit air exposure, and provide substantial UV protection.  However, if exhibiting pieces without glass, we strongly recommend also applying one of our removable varnishes to facilitate cleaning and future conservation. Please consult our website for information regarding Varnish Application.

Use Over Water-Sensitive Materials, Such as Watercolors and Inkjet Prints
When working with water sensitive materials, such as watercolors or digital prints, including those made with GOLDEN Digital Grounds, it is critical to always test for the potential water-sensitivity of the various materials being used. If testing shows the materials can be easily damaged or re-activated with moisture, we strongly recommend initially sealing or fixing prints with either GOLDEN Archival Varnish (Gloss) or GOLDEN MSA Varnish (Gloss). Failure to do so can cause permanent damage to your work.

With GOLDEN Digital Grounds
Gel Topcoats can usually be applied directly to inkjet prints that are fully dry and have been printed on our GOLDEN Digital Ground White (Matte). However both Digital Ground Clear (Gloss) and Digital Ground for Non-Porous Surfaces are very water-sensitive and great care must be taken when working on top of them with water-based materials. While Gel Topcoat, when applied undiluted, will often not cause any issues, many variables can impact this: drying time, ink system, thickness of the ground and gel coatings, and degree of surface agitation, to name a few. For these reasons, it is essential to always check for one's application using a test print before applying to anything of importance. Safest practice is to first lower any potential water sensitivity by first applying either our Archival or MSA Varnish.

Use as a Painting Medium
Although developed to be applied as a final layer, the GOLDEN Gel Topcoats may also be used like other GOLDEN Acrylic Gels.  They are compatible with GOLDEN Paints and Mediums, where they can be used in separate layers or blended in any proportion. Like other Gels they can also be used to create gel skins, image gel transfers, decoupage collage elements, to extend paints or increase their transparency, create a wet layer to work into, or simply as a clear ground to work on top of.

It is important to note that when the Gel Topcoats are mixed with other products their UV protection is reduced because the UVLS system, to be fully effective, needs to be topmost layer. Therefore fugitive materials mixed with the gel will not fully benefit from its ability to provide UV protection and may still degrade or fade over time.

While Gel Topcoats will provide substantial UV protection, as well as some chemical and water resistance, they are permanent non-removable coatings and any damage cannot be easily repaired. Also, being acrylic-based products, they are subject to dirt and dust accumulation, may become tacky in warmer temperatures, and their surfaces can be easily damaged during handling or shipping.  A final reversible varnish such as GOLDEN Polymer Varnish, MSA Varnish, or Archival Spray Varnish is recommended for fine art paintings and prints if not displayed under glass.

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Brand Golden
Country of Manufacture United States

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I hope I’ll be able to  broaden the array of items I will order from your store, I wish you’d carry PastelMat paper J

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