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Alexandre Dubien's profile page

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    I am a young artist who enjoys exploring all mediums. While my passion for the natural world inspires more realistic pieces, my boundless imagination allows me to express my creativity in more abstract and surreal pieces.

    Generally, when I sit down at my desk or stand at my easel, I don’t set out to produce art about any particular subject and I don’t limit myself to one medium, style or concept.

    However, a review of my portfolio reveals that a great deal of my work depicts natural settings, the majority including images of birds in watercolor.

    I enjoy working with watercolor because it seems to have a mind of its own, requiring a partnership between artist and paint. This relationship must be nurtured in order to create a free flowing concept.

    Like with watercolor, I tend to get inspired by the various characteristics of the different mediums I am using. Allowing those properties to help create a setting or story that can be interpreted on canvas or paper.

  • Biography

    Born May 15, 1999

    Currently works and lives in North Bay, Ontario


    Alexandre Dubien is an emerging artist still experimenting with different mediums and styles. However, he frequently uses watercolor to depict natural settings often influenced by his extended sojourns near the mountains and glaciers of Vancouver Island, the valleys and fjords of Northern Quebec and the boreal forests of Northern Ontario.  



    Studied under:

    Lian Zhen

    Lise King

    Pat Wellon

    Colleen Castonguay

    Colette Theriault



    2015 Group exhibition, “Culture Days”, Corbeil, ON

    2013 Group exhibition, “Petit Noel”, Alex Dufresne Gallery, Callander, ON

    2013 Group exhibition, “Art in the Park”, North Bay, ON



    Private collection, Timmins, ON

    Private Collection, North Bay, ON

    Private Collection, Callander, ON

    Private Collection Sturgeon Falls, ON

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