Unison Limited Edition Pastel Roz Box 2 of 68 Sticks

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Unison Limited Edition Pastel Roz Box 2 of 68 Pastels is a super-stylish and secure way to transport up to 68 oversized pastel sticks! It's equipped with two plastic organizer trays with foam inserts for the ultimate protection. The lightweight brushed metal case measures 17½" W × 7½" H × 2¾" D when closed. It provides secure clasps and a handle. Each tray comes with 34 Unison Soft Pastels sticks, each measuring 2.875" long and 0.75" wide. 

Contains: Greens #6, #9, #16, #23, #28, #19; Darks #2, #4, #8  #20; #BV1 #BV2, #BV5, #BV8, #BV15; A1 #A6,#A9, #A22, #A29, #A41, #A47, #A51, #A61; #LT4, #LT15, #LT16, #LT17; #BGE 3, #BGE7, #BGE16; #BG4, #BG7, #BG14; #BE1, #BE7, #BE14, #BE21, #BE32; #Y1, #Y18; #YGE3, #YGE6, #YGE16; #JS10; #RE1, #RE8, #RE14; Turquoise #1, #4; #P11; Orange #3, #8, #13; Red #4, #8, #11; #SC9; #NE1, #NE 6, #NE12, #NE17; Grey #5, #11, #17, #27, #32; Special Colletion #4.

  • Unparalleled lightfastness
  • Purity of colour
  • Incredible water solubility
  • Hand rolled in the English countryside
  • 68 Pastel sticks Dimensions: 2-inch-long by 0.5-inch- diameter
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Despite manufacturing over half a million individual sticks a year, the pastels are still completely hand made and retain all the qualities of the originals. Look closely and see the fine lines and fingerprints of the pastels' creator. They are mixed to meticulous recipes and are based on traditional pigments such as cadmiums, cobalts and natural and synthetic earths.

The pastels are made in Northumberland and contain only pure pigments in a cycle of related hues, instead of adding white or black to the colours. The result is intense, vibrant colour not muddied by the blending of colours. Unison's pastels contain very little binder, making them truly soft and smooth.

Unison Handmade Pastels are available in a variety of special combination Unison Handmade Pastel Sets. Each Unison Handmade Pastel Set is packaged in a sturdy black cardboard box, with each pastel cradled and protected by foam. Unison Handmade Pastels measure approximately 2-1/8" long × 5/8" diameter (54 mm × 16 mm). Sticks vary slightly due to the hand-making process.

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Brand Unison
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom

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Stephen Fieser

My survival stash of Derwent Artbars just arrived in perfect condition, and sooner than expected.
Many thanks

- Stephen Fieser

Marg Scott

I wanted to let you know that I just received my online order of my favourite St. Armand Paper plus markers.  I am so impressed with your service – thank you so much.   I am a member of our local art centre here in Kimberley BC and we have very few choices of where to purchase our supplies.  We usually leave our buying list to when we make our four hour journey into Calgary.   You have made our lives so much simpler.   I will passing on your website to my artist group of friends. 

Thank you again.
I will be back.

- Marg Scott


Thanks very much Bob, the parcel arrived last Monday and the paintings are already hanging on the wall. I appreciate your excellent service. 


- Susan

Carole Villeneuve

I received your order promptly. I'm very impressed on how well packaged it was, as well as the choice of art supplies you have. I've now added you on my list of go-to suppliers...

Great job!

- Carole Villeneuve

Jennifer Dany Aube

I do not do large orders often but have ordered with you once before. Your paint prices are so much better than Toronto art stores. If there are any product samples that you want to get rid of, I would be happy to receive them as I experiment with a lot of different supplies. Please save on packaging and send everything at one time. I stopped ordering from Amazon, because their overuse of packaging is out of control, and I prefer to support Cdn businesses as much as I can. Thank you for your great service, I had a great experience with my last order.

- Jennifer Dany Aube

Claudia Jorio-Cortell

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for sending, at no charge, the taper point shaper, I really appreciate it. Aside from this, I meant to drop you a note after I received my previous order which was also my first. Thanks for taking such great care in packaging the items purchased, such professionalism is rare to find, thank you!

I hope I’ll be able to  broaden the array of items I will order from your store, I wish you’d carry PastelMat paper J

Take care

- Claudia Jorio-Cortell