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Varnish | Fixatif | Solvent

Varnish | Fixatif | Solvent

Varnishes are used to protect finished paintings. For fine art usage picture varnish, should be removable so that paintings can be cleaned in the future. It is important to note that the traditional general varnishes are not removable and therefore unsuitable for fine art applications.

White Spirit (mineral spirits) allows you to clean the surface from any grease or grime that has got onto the surface before varnishing to ensures that the varnish applies well.

Solvents can be used to remove accumulated surface dirt and aged varnish from paintings.

Solvent Base UV Varnish improve the ability of acrylic colours to resist aging, increase colour depth, and harmonize differences in colour brilliance. 

Workable Fixatif is a crystal clear protective spray coating, protects against dusting and smudging and no wrinkles.

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