Vibrant Watercolour Workshop with Soon Y. Warren, Aug 16 to 18, 2019 ( THIS CLASS FULL )

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Quick Overview

Three Day Watercolour Workshop: Instructor Soon Y. Warren

Friday to Sunday - August 16, 17, and 18, 2019

  • Time: 9:00 A.M. to 12 Noon, Lunch Break, and 1 P.M. to 5 P.M.
  • Instructor: Soon Y. Warren
  • Fees: $295.00, plus materials
  • Register early to ensure a seat!
  • You can purchase your supplies at King’s Framing & Art Gallery in Corbeil, ON P0H 1K0

The pond painting coming soon, in meantime we are using the photo image as example.

Please make sure you Fristket or Masking Fluid is done before Workshop!

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Three Day Watercolour Workshop: Instructor Soon Y. Warren

Watercolour Group Studio Exercise

The class will learn how to create an image of chosen subjects, such as, a Cherries and Glass Bowl, Silver, Lily pads, pond water in watercolour with a step by step process. To speed up the class exercise, Soon Y Warren will provide a reference photo and drawing for the group exercise. Following a painting demonstration, workshop participants will do their own painting in order to fully understand the process. While concentrating on technique, the concept of color theory, composition, and colour values will be incorporated into the workshop.

While painting workshop participants will learn:

  • Glazing and washing techniques to create a luminous under painting
  • How to utilize light and dark values in order to capture the sparkle of glass
  • How to approach a painting
  • How to incorporate the concept of colour theory and colour relationships into a painting
  • Discussion and critiques will follow during workshop session
  • In addition to the group exercise, participants are encouraged to bring current pieces to paint along with reference photos. To make the most of instructional time, prepare the drawing before the workshop.

To read about the process of how to paint same crystal bowl before workshop, read the step by step painting process of same crystal in my second book “Painting Vibrant Watercolour- discover the magic of light, colour and contrast.”

NOTE: Make Sure You APPLY YOUR Firsket or Masking Fluid before workshop!!!

You can make your transfer prints 14" x 20" to fit a half sheet Arches watercolour paper.

Watercolour Painting Material List

“You don’t have to wet your paper and stretch watercolour paper. Just draw and apply masking fluid on it as instructed as noted on 2nd page.”

  • Nos. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 round brushes (Silver Black Velvet 3000s)
  • Scrub brushes (preferred with various size of synthetic Bristol brushes)
  • 140 or 300 lb. Cold-pressed watercolour paper (Preference: Winsor & Newton or Arches) on a hard board (size of the paper: a half sheet, 15”x22”)
  • Palette
  • Water Bowl
  • Cotton rag (preferred) or paper towels
  • Reference photo – main workshop photo provided (something you want to paint)
  • Mechanical pencil with .5 mm HB lead and an eraser
  • Spray bottle
  • Masking fluid (Winsor & Newton “Art Masking Fluid” yellow tinted preferred (DO NOT buy Permanent Making Fluid))

* Note: bring all the material you normally use for painting, especially brushes and paints.

Colour Palette

List of colours coming soon...

Bring your own paint tubes even if it is not listed above.

During the workshop, you will learn to use glazing and washing techniques to create luminous, brilliant colours of purple iris and cut crystal rose bowl in your paintings. You will have a "hands on" painting experience while learning the concept of colour theory and relationships as well as layering, washing, glazing colours, and detailing to finalize the painting. Bring all the materials you regularly use for painting, especially brushes and paints. The list above represents only the very basic necessities for painting.


To prepare drawing for the workshop

(Cherries and Glass Bowl)

First: drawing- Trace the provided drawing onto the 140 lb. or 300 lb. cold pressed, half sheet (15”x22”) watercolour paper (Winsor & Newton or Arches). You can use a digital projector with a drawing image or reference photo, a light box or a black graphite paper to transfer or trace or draw freehand.  Method of transferring image onto watercolour paper is all up to each participant.

Or if you don’t have light box, use sunny window. Place the drawing on the window (tape the corner to secure it), then place the watercolour paper on top of it (tape the corner to secure the paper also). You can enlarge the provided drawing at the Staples. If you don’t have any access to any of those, let me know, so I will provide with physical drawing.

Second: Attach watercolour paper on a sturdy board

Use 0.5mm HB mechanical pencil. Trace very gently and lightly with very thin lines. Don’t press too hard. You just need light line drawing of the shape.

Third: Frisket or masking fluid (saving highlight and lighter colour of the lines in the Purple Iris and Rose Bowl Cherries and Glass Bowl highlight) Please see email material list. Will be supplied closer to workshop after registratered.

Use very thin stick, slanted - tip of brush handle, frisket application tool. Look at the sample photo of application. Lighter yellow lines and dots are masking fluid.


  • Hake brushes, Quill brushes
  • Silver Black Velvet, 3000s
  • Round – number 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8
  • Flat – ¼ inch, ½ inch and 1 inch
  • Scrub brush

Colours: Watercolour paints.

Palette: One large size palette.

Paper: Two full sheets or three half sheets of Arches 140 lb Cold Press watercolour papers. You will be painting half sheets sizes. and the Koi Pond – Yellow Leaves, sugestion 300 lb. optional 

Masking Fluid: A new bottle of light coloured art-masking fluid.

Other: One plexiglass or board size about 16″x 23″ for taping down the watercolour paper (half sheet). Three small dishes for making colour liquids, a roll of masking tape, 2 sheets of graphite papers (erasable transfer paper), a hair dryer, a medium size water sprayer, an apron, 3 sheets of tracing papers size about 16″x12″, a pair of scissors, a teaspoon of table salt, a B2 or #2 pencil, erasers and one roll of paper towel and brush cleaner.


Project & Material list: Coming Soon...

  • No#. 4, 8, 10, 12 round brushes (Silver Black Velvet)
  • 2” and 2.5” hake brushes for washing technique (more than 2 is better)
  • 140 pound Cold-pressed watercolor paper (half sheet, 22”x15”) or 300 pound cold-pressed paper (Preference: Arches or Winsor & Newton)
  • A sturdy board; ply wood; gator board; bath board of size 24”x17” 1/8 inches that will fit the paper you are painting
  • 1.5 inches or 2 inches masking tape
  • Palette
  • Water Bowl
  • Frisket (Masking Fluid)- I prefer yellow colour from Winsor & Newton
  • Cotton rag or paper towels (old 100% cotton towel or terry cloth)
  • Mechanical pencil with .5 mm HB and an eraser
  • Spray bottle

Colour palette:

Colour List coming soon

Soon Y. Warren is a full-time artist and teacher. She has an Associate degree in commercial art from Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, Virginia. Soon Y. had numerous exhibitions and earned numerous awards.

Soon Y. is a signature member of

  • National Watercolor Society (NWS),
  • American Watercolor Society (AWS),
  • Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA)
  • Southern Watercolor Artist (SW/LM),
  • Texas Watercolor Society, Purple Sage Brush (TWS),
  • Honor Society of Watercolor USA,
  • Rocky Mountain Watermedia
  • Society of Watercolor Artist (SWA).

Her paintings were published in:

  • Honorable Mention in the Artist's Magazine competition in 2005 (Peacock)
  • Finalist in the Still Life category of the 22nd Annual Artist's Magazine's Art Competition (Baby Breath)
  • Forth place in the Animal category in Watercolor Magic Magazine Competition in 2005 (Waiting)
  • Jack Richeson Grand Prize Awards in Watermedia Showcase 2005 in Watercolor Magic magazine (Red Senses)
  • First Place in North Light Book Cover Competition in 2006 (Baby Breath)
  • Second Place in Still Life category in Artist's Magazine Competition 2006 (Yellow Daisy)
  • Final list in Still Life category in Artist's Magazine Competition 2006 (Tangerines and Art Deco)
  • Finalist of two paintings in Susan K. Black Foundation - Blossoms -The Art of Flowers
  • And Judges Excellence Awards with "Purple Heart"
  • Finalist in Still Life category in the Artist's Magazine Competition 2008 (Left It Alone)
  • NWS Purchase Award with Silver Star in 2008 (Feeding Time)
  • Featured in cover of Watercolor Artist magazine in Jan -Feb, 2009 issue (Feeding Time)
  • Honorable Mention in Southwest Art Magazine competition "21 over 31" and featured in November issue in 2009 (Left It Alone)
  • Finalist in Interior and Landscape category in the Artist's Magazine Competition 2009 (Divine Lines)
  • Finalist in International Artist magazine's in 2010, as published in issue April/May 2010
  • Featured artist in Watercolor magazine, Spring issue, 2011
  • Two paintings were included in "The Best of Watercolor, Splash 8" in 2004
  • Two paintings were included in "Passionate Brushstrokes" Splash 10 in 2008
  • Two paintings selected for Splash 11
  • A painting selected for Splash 12
  • Two paintings selected for Splash 13
  • A drawing published for Strokes of Genius 3: The Best of Drawing
  • A drawing selected for Strokes of Genius 4: The Best of Drawing
  • Two painting included in Artistic Touches 4
  • Published two watercolor painting technique books
  • "Vibrant Flowers in Watercolor" with F&W Publication, (North Light Book) in March 2006 and
  • "Painting Vibrant Watercolor: Discover the Magic of Light, Color and Contrast" published in 2009.
  • Participated in the book, "Watercolor Secret," with one chapter, "Create Drama with Bold Composition," in 2009

She is represented by

Your Private Collection Art Gallery Granbury Texas

Southwest Gallery in Dallas Texas

Program Registration

All art classes and workshops require advance registration, unless otherwise noted. Admission is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the event of a workshop cancellation, registrants will be notified prior to the workshop start date, and a full refund will be given. In the event of the weekly art classes, the fee will be forwarded to the next month’s art class registration fee.

Art Classes: Participant cancellations are not refundable within seven business days of the art classes.

Workshops: Non refundable policy.

Cancelations, participants are responsible to find a replacement, unless stated otherwise.

If class is full you may ask to be placed onto a waiting list.

Online: Register online accepted with PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

By Phone: Call Lise or Bob at 705-752-4211 to register with Visa or MasterCard. Please have your credit card number and expiry date ready.

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